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What is the difference between Brands and Vendors?


At its most basic level, a brand is a name you recognize, for e.g. Dell, Nike, or Apple. It’s a name that sets a company apart from others in the market. 

On Apimio, we differentiate between Vendors and Brands. If you’re coming from Shopify, your Vendors on Shopify are pulled as Brands to Apimio.


A vendor is the supplier of your products. Essentially, a vendor can be providing goods of multiple brands to you. For example, you might have one vendor that supplies you with all your Dell, Apple, Lenovo, and HP products. 

On Apimio PIM software, you can Add and Invite this vendor, and you can also add numerous contacts of the same supplier, creating a whole cloud-based Vendor Management System (database) for yourself. However, only the primary contact that you’ve invited can share products with you on Apimio.

add vendor screen
Updated on January 18, 2022

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