Apimio is a centralized Product Information Management solution that allows vendors to collect, organize, and manage all their product information. Vendors can create product catalogs and distribute information to all their retailers through a single repository. It offers the following features that create enriched product data and enhance user experience:


Manage Product Data

Apimio allows you to add, edit, and upload all your product data in one place, freeing yourself of the inefficiency and hassle of maintaining excel sheets. 

Digital Asset Management

You can manage all your product images and other visual content such as marketing videos and media in one dashboard. 


Complete and optimize product data

Apimio allows you to optimize your product information, ensuring it is complete and accurate, and ready to be displayed on all popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

High-Quality Product Images

Ensure all your product images are of the right format and don’t lose quality or increase your page load times. Our image processing unit notifies you of any issues with your product images while uploading, so you don’t have to worry about uploading images that don’t meet requirements, or won’t be of the desired quality.

Enriched Product Descriptions 

Validate all of your product information with quality checkers and field validators to ensure there are no missing fields or attributes, and that your models follow the necessary listing conventions for your desired channels. Get alerted for incomplete and inaccurate entries.

No Duplicate Entries

Apimio’s intelligent algorithm notifies you of any similar-looking fields so you can remove or consolidate any duplicate entries from the system. In case of records clashing against similar UPCs, you can either claim the UPC upon request or rectify your mistakes.


Channel Partner Management

You can invite as many retailers as you desire, based on your subscription package, and share all your product data with them. Retailers can log in, view, and download data whenever necessary. Apimio serves as a single repository through which you can communicate your product data with all your retailers. 

Product Data Syndication

Channel partners and retailers can syndicate product data across all their selling platforms. This allows data uploaded by vendors to automatically be updated on the retailer’s selling channels.

CSV file Exports

Channel partners can export product data in the form of CSV files, modeled according to their internal file structures.

Discover Apimio

By having a single dashboard for all your product data, you can put up products faster and with one click. Maximize your sales by having your products on all the popular selling channels, and a reduced time-to-market. Discover Apimio today, and make the wiser choice for your business.

Updated on January 18, 2022

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