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Product Categories

What are Product Categories?

Product categories organize your products in a hierarchical form. They allow you to divide your products based on their nature. For example, if you run a clothing brand, your categories can be Men, Women, and Kids. These can further be divided according to Product Type such as Lounge Wear, Formals, Swimwear, etc.

In a PIM software, Products with similar features can be grouped together. This makes it easier for sellers to manage them and for buyers to navigate across them. These categories can be based on your product’s functionality, demographics, customer needs, or preferences.

In Apimio, every product must be assigned to a category. If no category is assigned to a product, the default category will automatically be assigned to it. You can assign product categories from the Product Page.

How can I create Product Categories?

  1. To create new categories, go to Products > Categories from the side navigation panel.
  2. This will open the Categories Page. Click the Add Category button.
  3. To create a new category, add a category name and provide a detailed description for the category that you have created. This description will allow you and your team to understand what sort of products are included in it. 
  4. Click Save and now you can assign this category to various products in your catalog that is similar in nature.

Updated on January 18, 2022

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