What is a vendor?

A vendor is the supplier of your products. Essentially, a vendor can be providing goods of multiple brands to you.

How can I add a vendor?

You can add and invite your vendors to your Apimio’s PIM account.

  1. Go to Products > Vendors and click the Add Vendors button.
  2. From your Products page, you can assign each product to a vendor from the bar on the right side. This makes it easier to filter products and download CSVs. 

How can I invite a vendor?

  1. Add the vendor’s email address. You can also add a subject and custom message to your invitation so your vendor is aware of who’s inviting them.
  2. By inviting a vendor, you’ll be sending them a request to join Apimio. Once they accept, they can start sharing product data feeds with you.
add vendor dashboard
Updated on January 18, 2022

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