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What is Apimio PIM?

Apimio is a product information management software that enables faster and more efficient communication between vendors and retailers. It allows vendors to directly upload and update their product data and share it with their retailers.

Retailers often struggle with putting up complete and accurate product data as they’re dealing with millions of products from multiple vendors. While this does reflect badly on the retailer, it tarnishes the image of the vendor’s brand whose product is reaching the end consumer.

Apimio solves this issue by giving vendors autonomy over their product data. Vendors can directly upload and update product data and share it with retailers. This allows control over what information regarding their products reaches the public front. 

Why do you need Apimio?

As business operations become bigger, managing product data efficiently becomes crucial, but also very tedious. Having a single repository for all your product information is then necessary to organize, manage, and export all your data to multiple channels. 

Apimio allows this process to become smoother. It ensures the following:

Better Product Data Management 

By giving a single space to store all your product data, Apimio allows you to easily manage and distribute information to other channels. It ensures that accurate and complete data reaches the end consumer. It also saves employees the extra hours it would otherwise take to locate certain files and folders and gather all data in one place. 

Higher control of information access

PIMs like Apimio allow you to restrict access to your product data. You can delegate tasks to certain employees, eliminating chances of product data being corrupted. This is unlike in spreadsheets where you can’t control and track who makes changes to data. This makes product data highly susceptible to errors and inaccuracy. 

Good PIMs allow you to closely control who in the company has access to the data. Once the PIM is fully integrated, it makes organizing thousands of products a breeze.

Easy integration with online selling channels 

Clean, easy-to-navigate, and information-rich product pages in e-commerce elevate the customer experience. A PIM system allows all data to be stored in one place and exported to multiple marketplaces and selling channels easily. 

More importantly, all this can be done automatically at scheduled intervals, rather than exporting information to multiple channels manually. Apimio ensures up-to-date and correct information reaches all your public fronts, so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate data reaching consumers.

Enhance Customer Experience

It’s more critical than ever to enhance the customer experience by providing fuller, richer, and more accurate product data. This, paired with rich digital data that bring products to life, will help reduce returns and allow consumers to make well-informed decisions. 

A PIM will also allow you to improve relevancy by maintaining a single golden record for each product. It eliminates inconsistencies between marketing channels and touchpoints, allowing for channel-specific or even demographic-specific descriptions.

Updated on February 25, 2021

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